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Wild Flower Meadow And Tideswell Community Orchard

The idea of a wildflower meadow first came about after Tideswell Parish Council offered Wheston Bank as a site for a community orchard. Under all the twitch grass, nettles and thistles we found wildflowers still bravely struggling through. These were mainly rosebay willowherb and ground elder, but also buttercups, herb-robert, red campion and others. We also wanted a way to commemorate the 100th Armistice of World War I.

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The above photo is by kind courtesy of Thomas Eccles local entomologist, illustrator and all-round-good-egg!

We are genuinely lucky in Tideswell, being blessed with many people with in-depth knowledge about plants, environmental and horticultural matters.

With their invaluable help and advice it was decided we would grow cornfield annuals with red Flanders Poppies, yellow corn marigolds, pink corncockle, white campion and corn chamomile, and blue cornflowers.

Community Orchard

The site we selected for the community orchard which encompasses the wildflower meadow lies in the middle of Wheston Bank on a site where two felled conifers used to stand. From this elevated position it can be seen from many different locations around the village, including Market Square, Terrace Road and Townhead.

Clearing The Land

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Directly above, below and to the right are some photos depicting the hard work behind the story so far, from hand clearing the ground and removing enough limestone to build a small house, to the felling of the conifers in February and clearing the ground in March 2018.

The project was partially financed with help from a generous
grant from the TDCA, and soon after Easter 2018 the final ground preparation was completed in time for the more exciting and creative process of sowing the first seeds to begin, for a beautiful display of summer cornfield annuals and poppies.

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Clearing the land the hard way and the easier mechanised way.

Ploughing And Sowing

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Farrowing the land and starting to sow the seed.

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TIDZA Orchard planting day team.

Wildflower Meadows

There are few things that are as beautiful and genuinely lift the spirits as a breath taking and uplifting display of multi coloured indigenous flowers growing the way nature intended, naturally making their own way in life alongside symbiotic species. The cornfield Annuals will provide vibrant colour in the first year and act as a 'nurse crop' for longer term perennial meadow flowers in the future.

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