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Tideswell 200+ Club

In order to be able to make grants for local projects and organisations, the TDCA has to raise funds. One way we do so is through the 200+ Club.

200+ Club is actually a lottery, for just £1.00 per month, you will be entered into a monthly draw and the opportunity to win cash prizes of up to £50.00.

Over 50% of the money raised by
200+ Club goes to local causes, while the rest goes back to our 200+ Club members, so everybody wins!

Anybody can join, and being a member of the
200+ Club also makes you a member of the TDCA. It costs so little and contributes so much to local life.

If you would like to join the 200+ Club / TDCA please contact us.

Dorothy Whitehouse on: E T 01298 871 661

Judy Cooke on: E T 01298 872 408

If you prefer you can telephone TDCA directly on
01298 872 167 or 01298 872 478