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The Village Voice Magazine

The Village Voice is the monthly community magazine for the Derbyshire Village of Tideswell and its surrounding area.

Starting out as an A4 sheet in 1995, The Village Voice has grown to today's high quality A5 publication with upwards of 32 pages of text, photographs and graphics.

The Village Voice print run is around 1,500 and distributed to most households and businesses in Tideswell, plus Cressbrook, Follow, Great Hucklow, Little Hucklow, Litton, Litton Mill, Millersdale, Wardlow, Wheston and Wormhill. It is also available in local cafes, pubs, shops and holiday lets.

The Village Voice can be received by email, as a low-resolution PDF. On the website you can subscribe to an RSS feed. You can also join in on Facebook and Twitter.

The managing editor is Alan Page, on he welcomes news, activities and opinion contributions.

The Village Voice is entirely run by volunteers. Production is made possible by income from advertising. Details of how to advertise in The Village Voice are available at
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