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History Of The TDCA

The Association was originally formed in 1978 with the principal aim of providing a village hall for Tideswell. Although there were a number of places in the village where people could meet or hold events none of them was felt to be really big enough for a place the size of Tideswell and all lacked some facilities or had restrictions.
The Association first had its eye on the Oddfellows Hall in the Market Place but unfortunately this proved to be unaffordable in competition with its value for conversion into flats. Other possibilities were explored but also without success and the Association, although still in existence as a registered charity, became moribund for nearly a decade.
Local interest in a village hall again arose in 1987 and a newly generated Association again looked for a suitable building or site. Unfortunately, once again no suitable affordable place was available so the Association turned to an alternative project which also had local support – the provision of a sports complex.
With the support of the County Council, the
Parish Council and the Church a site was put together and with funding from the National Lottery, Sport England and a host of other generous benefactors a sub committee of the Association carried out an ambitious seven year project that led to the opening in 2000 of the Sports Complex next to Bishop Pursglove School. Read More!
Since its resurrection in 1987 the Association has broadened its remit to providing support for the many voluntary not for profit clubs, societies and other organisations that provide facilities and services to Tideswell and the surrounding area. In addition the Association organises various events for the village such as the
Last Night of the Proms and the annual Bonfire and Fireworks display.
The Association is run by a committee of volunteers and relies on the support of residents to help it achieve its objectives and to support it financially.

If you prefer you can telephone TDCA directly on
01298 872 167 or 01298 872 478